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Student Testimonials

I was able to score an A in my 'O' Level Examinations. This would not have been possible if not for the encouragement and individual guidance given to me by the teachers at The Language Learner.

Desmond - 'O' Level Graduate

I am very appreciative of the way the teachers at The Language Learner explain my mistakes in my test papers and ensure that I understand them. This has helped me to score better in my school examination papers. I was able to score an A for my PSLE due to constant individualistic assistance of the teachers.

Sabaith - 'O' Level Graduate

l was elated when I received my results because I did not expect to score an A in my 'O' Level Examination and for 'A' Level GP I also scored an A.

Benjamin - 'O' Level Graduate

I am from Korea. Through the patience and encouragement of the teachers at The Language Learner, I was able to score an A* for my PSLE. l've also acquired the ability to interact in conversational English after taking part in the Trinity College London graded examinations in Communication Skills. The teachers at the Language Learner helped me to overcome my nervousness at the prospect of speaking in public. I have got into a very good school in the UK to do my 'A' Levels. I shall be off to England in September 2011.

Jasmine Chu - PSLE Candidate

Although my marks had been border-line when I started at The Language Learner, through one-to-one coaching, encouragement, dedication and the support of the teachers, I was able to score an A for English during my PSLE. I am in Australia now, doing well in school thanks to the Language Learner.

Ash Rae - PSLE Candidate

The teachers have made an effort in helping me to improve on the areas of the examination that I was weak in. Their effort was displayed by my great achievement an A* at PSLE. In addition, I took part in the Trinity College London Examination of Communication Skills, I was able to get a Distinction.

Amanda - PSLE Candidate

I appreciate the intensive, individualised and repetitive manner the teachers at The Language Leamer go through the examination papers. This has enabled me to work on my weak areas while brushing up on my strengths. I was able to get an A* for PSLE.

Joy - PSLE Candidate

I am very happy as I did better than I had expected in the final examinations. The Trinity College London Communication Skills was especially beneficial towards the school Oral English exams as I leant to speak in clarity and develop interpersonal skills.

Hui Mei - PSLE Candidate

l always look forward to my lessons at The Language Learner, the positive leaning environment, brought about by the friendly and encouraging teachers. This has also encouraged me to work hard and I scored an A* for my PSLE.

Kartik - PSLE Candidate

The dedication of the teachers at The Language Learner in preparing interesting lessons and their constant guidance of the methodology of answering certain questions during the examination helped me tremendously.

Essa - PSLE Candidate

When I moved to Singapore from Korea, I did not understand English. Through the patience and dedication of my teachers at The Language Learner, I am now able to read, speak and understand English language.

Daryl - P3 Student