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Primary 3 & 4


  • Development of Vocabulary
  • Understanding the given vocabulary through sentence writing
  • Encourage to develop the awareness of the letter-sound correspondence of the words to master seplling skills


  • Understnding of the suitable tenses to answer the question
  • Awarness of Verbs, Homophones, Regular and Irregular Verbs, Suffiixes, Phonemes and Adverbs
  • Practice in sentence structure, and making Verbs from Other Words & Develop the skills to use descriptive words


  • Familiarise the methodology of punctuation especially in Commas, Colons, and Semicolons

Commprehension MCQ

  • Repetitive Reading practice in order to select the correct answer

Grammar close

  • Practice and understand the Grammar Cloze
  • Develop word familiarity through reading re-reading the passage

Editing for spellings and Grammar

  • Encourage careful reading
  • Help with letter-sound correspondence to develop spelling skills

Synthesis and Transformation

  • Practice in the development of correct tense when rewritng Synthesis and Transformation
  • Awareness of writing the sentence presenting the same meaning of the original sentence

Comprehension Cloze

  • Getting the student to read and re-read the passage to seek similar words in the passage
  • Expand thinking skills on vocabulary

Comprehansion Open-Ended

  • Importance of understanding the passage through reading twice
  • Understand the Methodology of Open-Ended answering & the interpretation of similar words

Our main focus is to improve the students ability to answer the questions confidently.