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Primary 1 & 2

  • Develop and focus on Language accuracy, Vocabulary development, Comprehension and Composition
  • Practice on the construction of sentence structure


  • Develop the understanding of the accuracy of grammar
  • Focus on language accuracy, Present, Past and the Future Tenses
  • Awareness of Parts of Speech Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions, Adjectives and Conjunctions
  • Practice and reinforce the methodology of answering in the correct tense


  • Develop the ability to use a wide range of vocabulary, accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Constant focus on the construction of sentences using vocabulary
  • Reinforcement of the accuracy of the tenses
  • Usage of Adjectives and Adverbs to develop creativity from young


  • Combination of factual and functional reading to draw attention in reading
  • Development of interest in reading
  • Importance of reading with understanding
  • Develop the awareness of the story structure from young
  • Initially assisting in understanding the questions and the possible accurate answer
  • Focus on the grammar and vocabulary in the passage
  • Finally, develop the skills to answer to the question in the right Tense


  • Produce different types of writing including narratives, descriptions and letters
  • Teaching writing in Foundation and Key Stage 1
  • Teach the Story Line
    1. Opening
    2. Building
    3. Problem
    4. Resolution
    5. Ending
  • Introducing the Timelines
    1. An Introductory Paragraph
    2. The Language of Time
    3. Keeping the Readers Interest

The main focus would be on the development of interest and confidence the students need to acquire when answering their test papers at the school examination. Our teachers help to provide such guidance.