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Kindergarten 1 & 2



A step-by-step process especially designed to teach learners the fundamentals of phonics.

Learners will familiarize themselves with the letters of the English alphabet as well as learn their sounds. Using this method, children learn the different sounds made by different letters and letter blends, and rules about how they go together. Words are tackled in groups with similar patterns (such as cat, mat, rat, bat, etc). A good phonic knowledge equips children to become good spellers and gives them word tackling strategies.

Look and Say

Using this method, children learn whole words without breaking down each sound. It is a good way to start - in fact, it is the natural way that children do start, because the first word a child reads is almost always his own name. Look and Say methodology will help the learners develop their reading vocabulary systematically through the process of visual association.

Learners do not break the word into letter sounds, but develop a picture of the shape of a word.

Whole Language

Using this method reading is not taught in a formal structured way. Children are simply given books to read, which they do by memory, guesswork and their knowledge of how language works. Whole Language is targeted to enable readers to gain confidence in understanding and expressing their experiences of the world around them.

Picture Talk

Learners will be trained to stimulate their thinking and express their thoughts interactively through pictures.