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Reading Skills Through Phonics

Reading skills through phonics 1-5 is a series of books especially designed to teach children the fundamentals of phonics. Targeted at children aged 5-7, children will familarise themselves with letters of the alphabet as well as learn their sounds.

As they graduate to each level of the series, they will be able to differentiate between the different types of sounds in the alphabet. Based on the Primary School English Syllabus, children will be taught rhyming sounds through a variety of exercises with illustrations to provide the clues.

Each book in this series is accompanied by a CD that will help children attempt the exercises with greater ease and enjoyment. By the time the child has gone through the series, Reading Skills through Phonics, he or she would have had their pre-school foundation strengthened.

Phonics 1 Phonics 2 Phonics 3 Phonics 4 Phonics 5 Phonics 6 Phonics 7

Ready to Read

Ready to Read is a systematic, interactive reading programme that develops confidence in the early reader. Three simple steps to reading success! Step 1: Let's begin! the child is introduced to target words. Step 2: Let's practise! The child practises using the target words. Step 3: Let's read! The child confidently reads target words in context. Ready to Read enables the child to read nearly 300 words fluently. The series targets reading confidence in nearly 300 words from carefully chosen topics of immediate relevance to the child, including self, family, colours, numbers and common nouns. This enables young readers to gain confidence in understanding and expressing their experiences of the world around them.

Ready to Read 1 Ready to Read 2 Ready to Read 3

Dr Sepalika has combined a career as a lecturer, an English language teacher with that of an author of Children's books. The books written by her are based on Phonics and Sight Word approaches to reading and writing. Her books are published and distributed all over by Marshall Cavendish under the name of Sepalika Gamini.

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